Beam yourself up, mom

This seem to be an old piece of news (oxymoron?): Teleportation breakthrough made, but it still opens interesting questions. It seems that, in order to teleport something, you have to have an object of the same kind already present at the end where you want to transfer that something. Say, you need to have your red toaster with you because no other toaster will make it when you want to have your comfort food, and the times are such that you need some comfort food. You call your mother and tell her to teleport the red one over to you. But, in order for that to happen, you would have to have some bland, unbranded, unpainted, un-everything toaster with you. Only then your mom would be able to fulfill your wish.

Now, transfer the issue to the level of humans. In order to teleport Jack from A to B, you would have to have some man, nameless, faceless, cold, and empty wessel in place B, who would become Jack at the push of a button. What is passed on is not the actual body, but the precise information about body.

Now bring it down to your presonal level. If your mother, from the first paragraph, is in a really bad mood that morning, she will tell you to sod off with your stupid red toaster, and she will continue to talk until you receive the precise information about her current state of mind, and you enter the same state of mind as she. Is that also teleportation? Did your mom teleport herself into you? Have we been doing teleportation all this time over the phone without bragging about it?