The Monument to the Third International

Tatlin’s thought

The Monument to the Third International

Vladimir Tatlin has projected this building as The Monument to the Third International. It was supposed to be about 400 metres tall. I shot this image in London, a few months ago. This model was built for the purpose of an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. But this version was, understandably, only about 15-20 m tall.

There are four elements involved in creating this construction: material, space, time and thought.

Material is the filler of the space and time, it is a means of correlating the same notion to the collective subconscious.

Space is a receptacle, a matrix which has opened to serve as the holder, as an exoskeleton. (The way I see it, the elements are not held together by the rivets, but by the space surrounding it all.)

Time is a universal locator for this phenomenon. Without the time it would be impossible to find this object in the Universe.

Thought, Tatlin’s thought, has located the construction in this particular Universe. In the narrative we call the reality, this building is an exclamation mark.